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   Dream Wedding Secrets: The All Important G.S.F. (Guest Satisfaction Factor), is written from the guest’s perspective about what makes a wedding great or not so great through the eyes of the guest.  It contains quotes from over 200 random wedding guests about what they think makes a wedding either great or not so great.  It focuses on the premise that if you’re having a wedding and inviting guests to any aspect of that wedding, then you are probably interested in them also having a good time which is referred to in the book as the G.S.F.

    During the years of research, when questioned for their opinions, guests provided the author, Eric Gulbrandson, with all sorts of answers about every aspect of the wedding.  Inside the book you’ll find everything from the invitations, to walking down the isle, to cutting the cake, and everything in between.  When asked what is the most important thing guests believe is necessary for a great wedding,


Eric replies, “Typically the first and by far the most common answer guests gave me was ‘...an open bar.‘  However, after thinking deeper, they would often provide me with lots of other great suggestions.  You’ll have to read the book though to find out what those are.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!”     

    The main idea of the book is not that the bride (and groom) will come away knowing exactly what all guests desire of a wedding, but rather to provide a general understanding of what will likely be important so that not only will you and your fiancée enjoy the wedding but so will each of your individually distinct guests.  With these newly revealed secrets and revolutionary ideas found in this book, you should be able to create the dream wedding that both you and they will continue to remember with fond memories for years to come.

The following are some examples of chapters and quotes found within the book:

“My niece, who got married in Guatemala to a local man, had

a welcome bag waiting for us in our hotel room when we arrived.  It even included an assortment of local candies and treats.  It was a very thoughtful idea.”

Brianna Bailey, San Francisco, CA

“Our friends had sunflowers in tall vases as the

table centerpieces at their wedding.  They were beautiful but very hard to see around...

also very unstable...”

Vesna & Carlos Santiago, Austin, TX

...“We waited without food,drink or entertainment... we found out (later) they had been enjoying the afternoon driving around and drinking... taking advantage of the limo for which they’d prepaid”

Jason & Deana Stansen, Oakland, CA

“Toward the end of the wedding reception,my friend... had...

a nacho bar... It was cheap.. and (at that hour of the evening), “...it was perfect.”

Dayna Smitzer, Santa Clara, CA